Day 262: You’re in the interview stage of the Miss America pageant. Apart from your desire for world peace, what will you tell the judges?

More world peace.

I’m joking! Me, I want to be taken seriously. I want people to realise I’ve got two doctorates. To understand that I’m a leading researcher in my field that just happens to be an attractive young woman.

I’m serious. Were I an elderly man, nobody would bat an eyelid as I wandered the corridors at the Institute. But instead, I am subject to catcalls and hollers. I leave a trail of slack jaws in my wake, which is empowering to say the least, but it comes with an association of guilt. That I am betraying my gender.

So no, what I want is to be taken seriously, no matter how I look. It shouldn’t matter if I’m a pageant queen, or if I only had one leg and a lazy eye. I deserve the same as everybody else and everybody else deserves that same chance.

But also more world peace. Everybody needs some more of that.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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