Day 260: Suddenly, you can hear everyone’s thoughts, and you are shocked by what they think about you. Write their thoughts.


God, I wish that guy would stop staring at me. Fucking creep. 

I blinked and brought myself back into the room. I’ve been suffering from a tendency to zone out for a while now, staring off into space like it’s sucking me in. Somebody’s sat at the table across from me now. I’m sure they weren’t there when I started my daydream… Ah well. I smiled awkwardly and went back to my flat white.

Urgh, what was I thinking coming here? Full of weirdos. 

I looked up again, but the girl across from me was staring intently at her hot chocolate, watching the marshmallows swirl as she stirred it.

I should have just waited at the station. 

“You’re waiting for a train?” I asked. She glanced up, glared at me with fierce brown eyes, then went back to her hot chocolate. I was confused as anything. I swear that she’d been talking to me.

Why is it that every time I go to a coffee shop, somebody has to talk to me when I just want to read my book? 


“Excuse me, can I help you?” The barista has come across, a smile plastered across her face but not quite reaching her eyes. “All done with these?” She stretched a hand toward my cup and I nodded, afraid of speaking to anybody else.

He’d be kind of cute if he talked. Oh well, just another hour. 

“You think I’m cute?” I blurted out. Her face went a deep crimson and she scuttled away with her new prizes.

“What the hell is going on?” I said to myself, looking out the window into the dreary, crowded street. That’s when the hubbub rose like a tsunami.

Bloody rain. 

Should I get a coffee, I will get a coffee. No, I said I wouldn’t. 


I’m going to kill her. 

That one caught my eye. Well, ear. I tried to work out who’d said it but the fragments were coming thick and fast. It was almost painful, the overwhelming nature of the sentences, the emotions behind them building and building until everything went black. I hear myself say the words “Someone’s going to die.” Then I don’t remember much.

He’s a lot less cute when he’s unconscious. 


The Idiot in Tin Foil

One thought on “Day 260: Suddenly, you can hear everyone’s thoughts, and you are shocked by what they think about you. Write their thoughts.

  1. This is really neat gimmick, I could see a sitcom being written about this. The guy stumbles into a government agent and hears classified information only to blurt it out by accident. Next thing you know, the fellow goes on a road trip to leave the country. A fun read!

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