Day 255: What can happen in a second?


Don’t blink.

You’ll miss it.

You think that you’re safe, where you are? You’re sat at your desk staring at your computer screen, or perhaps you’re looking at your phone on a crowded train.

It doesn’t matter. You’re in your space and you feel safe. But even then.

Don’t blink. You’ll miss it.

You can feel yourself getting uncomfortable as you read these words, as if there’s something just on the edge of your vision trying to edge its way in. You turn to your left and right, but see nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps you think you hear a faint swishing, like a curtain being drawn, but when you go to check there’s nothing there.

Feel free to check again. I’ll wait.

Are you done? You’ve found nothing waiting for you, so you’ve returned to your screen to read my words. Have you figured out what they mean yet? It’s fine if you haven’t but don’t blink.

You’ll miss it.

There it is again, the swishing sound. Perhaps it’s your imagination, being fuelled by the words you read on the screen. That is the purpose of writing after all, to create an image in another’s head, to let it breed and multiply until that image is all that they can see, keeping them turning the page or scrolling down the screen.

But what if it’s not? What if it’s something that you just can’t see? It’s trying to evade you, moving so fast that it’s barely a blur. It zips past you like a bullet, so small that you barely feel that rush of air. Now you’re sure there’s something there, something watching. But what does it want?

You can’t blink.

You’ll miss it.

It’s getting closer now, but does it come as friend or foe? Is it even alive? Is it controlled by something else? Your heart begins to beat quicker as your mind runs through all the possibilities, everything ranging from the supernatural to the mundane. Your breath speeds up to match, striving not to be outdone by your heart. your eyes flick from screen to side to screen to other side, constantly cycling through as you beg for more information. What is it, what does it want? Your eyes are watering as you fight the urge to blink because you know you’ve been told that you must not blink.

You’ll miss it.

You think you’ll be okay. Even as you realise that you’re coming to the end, you notice one final piece of advice and you can’t decide whether to worry or be relieved. It’s fine though. I’m still going. Just remember though…

Don’t blink.

You’ll miss it.

The Idiot in Tin Foil

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