Day 254: Describe an electronic in the future that you won’t be able to operate


“Okay, so I’ll just access a search engine and we’ll find a relevant…” The teacher immediately looked for a terminal, voice trailing as realisation began to dawn. A tentative hand rose in the class and a girl’s voice came out of the crowd, weaving its way through the giggles and chuckles.

“Sir, remember that we can now use Thought-To-Holo stream in order to access things like that.” She smiled sympathetically at the teacher who had gone almost as red as his choice of trousers.

“Yes, thank you Deyna. Now, appearing behind me you’ll find…” The chuckles erupted into full blown laughter and Deyna’s face matched the teacher’s in hue. A three-dimensional model of her face had appeared. “Umm… Well, not that. I was… Well…”

“Sir, umm…” Her voice had gone very quiet. “You have to consider public browsing first. Then, well, umm, this won’t happen.”

“You will see that the Holo of the mantis shows… For fuck’s sake, what is it now?” He turned to observe what was being projected as the front row, who so far had managed to hold it together dissolved into fits of laughter. “Oh.” He took off his glasses and cleaned them against his tweed jacket. “You know what, we’ll call this one quits. See you all on Thursday. Dismissed.”

This arrived from memories of teachers typing Google into search bars to begin searching for things and other such painful experiences. Nothing quite as bad as this, but still. 

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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