Day 248: Where will you be exactly one year from this moment?


One o’clock on Boxing Day morning? Hopefully, I’ll be right where I am now. In bed, writing Day 613 of this blog. (Unless, of course, I’ve gotten my act together by then and have started writing my blogs earlier in the day. I’m dubious, but who knows?) I’ll probably be in the same place, the sofa bed of my girlfriend’s mum’s living room, as she slowly begins to snore beside me. She says she’s going to read, but I can hear her breathing as it becomes more laboured, the pages turning slower and slower until I can practically see the zzzz flowing from her.

I’ll think back across this day, this year. I’ll consider all the things that have happened to get me to where I am, much like I am doing now. I’ll be in the home stretch of the blog, heading towards a hopefully satisfactory end. I’ll have moved away from my mother’s house, the woman who has cared for me and looked out for me, even when I had convinced myself that I was right (it often turns out that she is), choosing instead to venture to pastures new. It is both terrifying and exciting, but by then it should be routine. That’s the hardest idea for me to fathom.

All of these changed won’t be changes in exactly a year’s time. It will all be as it has always been. But I’m not afraid. I’m genuinely looking forward to this challenge to come.

So, I will not skulk in the shadow of Fate. I choose instead to stride boldly into my future. Towards everything the same and everything that’s changed. I’d like you to do the same.

What’s going to change for you? What’s going to be the same? Perhaps your kids will go to university, or college? You’ll marry, you’ll move, you’ll break up. Who knows, perhaps you’ll revolutionise the planet! Either way, there is nothing to be afraid of. Better instead to greet the future like a friend. Sure, it’s your weird friend who turns up out of the blue and insists that you go to that bar and drink ALL of those tequilas, but when’s the last time you didn’t have a good night with that friend? Except Lisbon. We don’t talk about Lisbon.

Now, have I gone off track? Probably. But I don’t care. I’ve had a great Christmas. Time to raise a glass,

To the future,

The Idiot in Tin Foil

P.S. Let me know what’s going to change for you guys! I’m curious what futures lie ahead for you.

Merry Christmas all. I hope it was as fun as mine!

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