Day 233-ish: Write a story that starts with a piece of gossip


“Oooo, Dani! I hoped I’d catch you here. Did you hear about Sally-Ann getting her promotion because she caught Eric and Fiona in the print room after hours getting down and dirty amongst the inks?”

Danielle Weaton looked blearily at her coworker, desperately hoping that she’d go away. She never enjoyed the coffee gossip, all the dirty dealings in the office. All she wanted was to get through the day, to complete her drudgery behind her desk, then to get home, relax with a glass of wine and apply to every single other job going. “No, I didn’t, Callie. Look, Misha just dropped…”

“Urgh, it’s dreadful. All Sally-Ann does is catch them and she gets the promotion that Fiona was going for just so she doesn’t tell his wife. And then of course, it turns out that this isn’t his first go around the office. No, last time it was Caroline in accounting in the file room. It’s like a game of Cluedo, I’m telling you.” Callie flicked her blonde hair back from her eyes and reached for Dani’s mug of coffee, deftly plucking it from the top of the stack of papers. “Mmm, just what I needed. Thanks babe. Now, I’ll talk to you later. Don’t mention anything to Fiona or Caroline. Or Sally-Ann, I wasn’t supposed to know but you know what Celia is like after a few drinks. Anyway, ciao!” Then, like a hurricane, she was gone.

Dani stood stock still, blinking rapidly. She always felt like she’d been through the wringer after a conversation with Callie. She walked back over to her desk, depositing the stack of papers onto her already cluttered desk. She reached for her coffee mug then realised. “Bitch stole my coffee!”

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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