Day 205: Start with “I never told anyone…”

“I never told anyone…”

“Do I look like I give a fuck?” I asked, raising the crystal blade. I wasn’t taking any chances with this fucking pureblooded scoundrel. I know, right? A pureblood, screwing around with these pieces of shit. “I really don’t. You are going to give me all the names you have, And I’m going start with Jason Donovan.”

That shut her up. “Jason…” Her voice left her lips in a whisper, only heard by those within about a foot of her.

I mimicked her. Badly. “Jason…” I looked around at the assembled goons. “Mr Fletcher!” One of the apemen moved, stretching and contorting. “You, pal, are not Mr Fletcher, are you?” I nodded towards one of the strange creatures working their way across the plains towards me.

This wasn’t going to be fun.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


3 thoughts on “Day 205: Start with “I never told anyone…”

  1. This looks like a weird Science Fantasy story. Which happens to be one of my favorite genres ;D.

    By any chance, are you familiar with the works of Gene Wolfe? Specifically the Shadow of the Torturer or Claw of the Conciliator? The apemen in this story reminded me of a certain scene in those books.

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