Milestones: Day 200? Already?



200 days since past me (occasionally known as arsehole me) decided that it would be a great idea to buy a writing prompts book and do a piece every day. For 642 days.

Couldn’t have gone for “The Twelve Days of Writingmas”, could I? Though if that isn’t a book, anybody want to pair up to write it as a stocking filler?

Also, if anybody has seen my inspiration fairy and can tell me where she wanders off to between the hours of 2000 and 2400 GMT, that’d be great. Because she keeps coming back at half 12, sloping in with her tail between her legs telling me it’d be a great idea to write this story she’s come up with. Which means somebody doesn’t get to sleep until stupidly late, much to the irritation of my landlady as me and my size 12 feet clomp up the stairs.

We count as separate because we make so much noise. I’d be a rubbish ninja.

On the plus side, 200 days of writing. Some of it’s even good, much to my surprise. So thanks for sticking with it.

Keep reading, keep commenting and if you use any of the prompts, let me know how it goes.

The (Sleep-Deprived) Idiot in Tin Foil


5 thoughts on “Milestones: Day 200? Already?

      • Oh, you’re making an anthology? Where you by any chance trying to make a singular project, only to find yourself flitting between ideas and starting other projects? Then repeating the cycle?

        (That’s the worst feeling)

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      • Exactly that. I start something, trail off, do something else etc etc.
        And maybe one day, but at present I’m writing from a book of writing prompts. The San Francisco writers guild came up with it, I think.
        What I’ve found is that by doing a piece every day, working on my novel becomes a lot easier? It gives me ideas, characters and places that I can fold into the longer novels.

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