Day 195: The next blockbuster medicine that will be invented and what will happen as a result.


Influenzalin. Not a cure for the common cold, but a preventative. One pill, taken every day with a glass of water, followed by a little breakfast and there we have it, no more sniffles and snuffles. All of it in one little pill, containing what they called ‘shifting-antigen pattern’ or some other scientific nonsense. Most people just called it Magic.

No side effects either. Not one case of headache, nausea. Not one person in any of the trials showed a hint of a side effect. Then, even after mass distribution, not a single case of a side effect in the whole damn world.

Best of all, it was free. Distributed without cost or care by Richtus, so there was no reason to pile them onto the black market. In three weeks, everyone in the world was taking their daily pill and had that a little Magic sitting in their system.

Which was great. Not one case of the common cold in over five years, all because of Richtus’ magical little pill.

Five years, then the Magic really kicked in. You see, it tuns out that a shifting-antigen does exactly that. Shifts. The antigen base sat in the body, sitting in the cells, bursting and replicating and bursting again, each time adapting to the new threat. When there was no threat, the virus started adapting to imaginary threats, possible threats.

That’s when the Magic happened.

They say that patient zero was Charles Dyer, 54 years old. He was being followed by two young men in black hoods, chased in fact. The increased heart rate forced the virus into overdrive, forcing the conversion.

In Charles Dyer, the virus forced his metabolism to increase. He found his 54 year old frame moving faster, his size twelve feet hitting the floor in far more rapid intervals. Magic caused him to speed up.

That was the first case. The rest followed swiftly. Five years of build-up, followed by a stressful event triggered it. The world that followed, the world we live in now, is vastly different to anything we’ve ever known before.

Okay, so my science is probably a little skewed. But still, it’s a vaguely plausible explanation… Okay, it’s not. But it’s still fun!

Also, blockbuster medicine? That’s a thing?

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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