Day 186: That person your mother always warned you about


pexels-photo-26298.jpg“I told you that boy was trouble.”

She wasn’t wrong. She’d been telling me that Duncan was trouble ever since the first day I’d brought him back to the house. It was a Tuesday, as I well knew. I’d walked out of the practice room and there he’d been. Duncan.

“Ey, kid. Can I talk to you?” He’d said. I’d told him no, he’d started talking anyway and we’d been inseparable since. He’d come back to mine for dinner that evening, all polite smiles and genuflection. I still don’t know how he ended up returning with me, but he had. It had just happened.

It had started well. Mother was just happy that I’d made an honest-to-god, real friend rather than somebody online. Then I’d left them alone for a moment while I used the bathroom.

I came back out and everything had changed.

She’d turned cold and hostile towards Duncan, who was sitting patiently awaiting my return. It wasn’t the same after that.

Mum would tell me every time I saw Duncan. “I tell you, that boy is trouble.” I thought nothing of it, it was just Mum being paranoid and ridiculous. I’d even told Duncan, who had smiled sadly.

“Once, perhaps, I could have been trouble. Now? I am nothing.” He hissed. For the first time, I started thinking that perhaps Mother does know best…

Just a short and confusing one for everybody tonight. What on earth is Duncan and what did he do? 

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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