Day 177: The general manager of the New York Yankees’ personal to-do list


Shit shit shit shit shit.

How was I supposed to know I’d gone into the wrong office? I was in the building for an interview anyway, they come out and they ask for Mr Alex Smith and well, that’s my name after all, so I went in.

They asked me all those questions. I thought they seemed odd at the time, but I gave them the heart and soul approach. All fire and gumption, you know, the kind of stuff that all recruiters are looking for.

They lapped it up. Honestly, it’s as if they were waiting for someone to show some spirit for this thing. I thought it was weird, expecting so much from an office assistant job, but I figured I’d just roll with it. And like I said, they loved it!

“Mr Smith, why do you feel like you’d be suited for the role?”

“Well, I believe I can bring fresh eyes to a project that may be considered tired and downbeat. Meaning no offence, of course.” I’d giggled nervously. Thought that was a deal breaker and they were going to send me away. I’d actually giggled at a job interview.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Well, apparently not. Because I got the phone call the next day. “Mr Smith, we’d like you to take on the role of General Manager to the New York Yankees.” I’d spluttered and gulped, trying to get my head around what I’d just heard. “I can understand you may be surprised by this, but being speechless is fair enough. The current owners were very impressed by your passion and drive during your interview. If you could please start on Monday, as you didn’t provide a notice period?”

The phone had gone dead. I sat staring at it, confused as hell. I thought I was interviewing to be an office assistant for crying out loud!

I sat at my desk and began to write.


  1. Find out what sport the New York Yankees play…

The Idiot in Tin Foil




5 thoughts on “Day 177: The general manager of the New York Yankees’ personal to-do list

  1. That’s a short, but very complicated to-do list! I’m still smiling a little as I am writing this—very clever hook there at the end.

    You’re coming up on the 200 mark for posting! Awesome 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • At the risk of showing my ignorance of cultural norms in your slice of the world…are sports worshiped in the same way they are here in the United States? I have friends who disappear at different times throughout the year. I know why. Football (our version), baseball, hockey, soccer (other peoples football), have all cycled in and they are rabid.

        Sports celebrity worship is very common here, and more common are the daily arguments and exchanges about them I see on a regular basis. Fantasy drafts have a cult-like following.

        I’m was raised in the state of Ohio, home of the Ohio State buckeyes (a college football team). If I mention I’m from Ohio to someone, they often scream (like, for real, scream) O – H !! To which they want me to scream back I – O !! (This is a chant they do at Ohio State games.)

        I, of course, am at a huge disadvantage when it comes to all of this because I am completely disinterested in most normal sports.

        Just a little curious.

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