Day 174: Write a letter from the point of view of a drug addict



You’ve gotta help me man, I’m struggling here. I just need a little bit more, just a top up. I know you can get it for me.

The police got Digger. That’s my supply down the toilet and I’m spiralling with it man, I’m chasing the spiral, round and round, all the way down to the U-bend and out and away.

Jimmy, you and me, we’re mates! You can set me up, just for a little while. I know you said you’d never deal to friends and that the best you could do is put me on to the next best person and Digger, yeah, he sorted me out for a long time but then he got busted with Blackout and…

Shit, I’m rambling again. Jim, just a short term thing, just until I find another person who can get me what I need.

Jimmy, Jimjam, Jimeroo… I need your help.

I’ll meet you at the usual spot, the usual time. Just… Get me some Blackout man.

I’m dying here.


The Idiot in Tin Foil


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