Day 167: Arsenic


The kettle erupted steam on the counter beside Sharon Walker as she placed the teabags into two mugs on the side. Her Cath Kidston mug, pink polka dots on a white background, standing next to Malcolm’s mug painted to look like R2-D2.

First, the teabags. Then goes the sugar, two teaspoons into R2-D2, none for herself. She’d always said it was for her health, avoiding sugar. After that comes the water, then the milk.

She picks up the two mugs and makes her way to the carpeted stairs. Taking them carefully, one at a time, to get to the bedroom. She looked at the pitiful shape waiting on the bed.

God, she wished the arsenic would kill him quicker.

Very short one today. I thought I’d try for a proper flash fiction, just 100 words. 

I may have gone a little over. 

The Idiot in Tin Foil



9 thoughts on “Day 167: Arsenic

  1. Flash fiction is an art form currently above my talent. So any time someone can tell a story that succinctly is doing something right. This is a nice little teaser story, the kind that usually inspires me to prattle on for 80,000 words. I like the set up. That’s why I struggle with short fiction. I like to watch things develop, and it’s hard to do that in a short amount of words. This does it right.

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  2. Would you consider your usual work to be Vignettes or mid-range flash fiction? I’ve been doing research into short fiction as of late, and your stories come to mind. But I’d like to know how you’d personally classify them

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