Day 153: The glow of success



You’ve all felt it before. That glow, that wonder that comes with getting something right. Perhaps you won a competition, had the chance to hold that trophy high above your head to the raucous applause from your peers.

Or it could be a personal triumph? Perhaps you stood on the scales and saw numbers below three digits for the first time since you were sixteen.

A promotion at work, an award, a raise. It swoops in from on high and lifts you from your lowly squalor, creating a new you, a better you.

But you must watch out. They say that pride comes before a fall and that’s all that glow is. A trapping, a sin. A truly deadly sin, preparing to grasp you and drag you down to the devil himself, who awaits that glow with open arms.

Tell me, young one, have you experienced that glow? Have you felt the rapture of success, the pull of sin?

Run from it. I remember the first time I felt that glow, the warmth of pride spreading through to my bones, lifting me to the person that I always should become.

When I first felt a man’s life escape beneath my fingers into the air.

*Sinner’s Confession*

Just a short one today. The internet connection in my hotel is, to be polite, shocking. However, it does mean that once I disconnect I can pretend to write more of the Next Big Thing and watch the crap I’ve got downloaded on my computer instead. Or sleep… I do hear good things about sleep. Enjoy!

The Idiot in Tin Foil

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