Aside: Thoughts on parallel worlds

If a new parallel world is created every time a choice is made, what happens if two separate parallel worlds conceive a feasible concept for time travel, travel back to the point at which their worlds diverged and attempted to change it? 

I’m sure there’s some paradox kicking around here, but I can’t work it at the moment. Any ideas?

The Idiot in Tin Foil


8 thoughts on “Aside: Thoughts on parallel worlds

  1. Okay, I had to break this down. A decision is made in World A (the divergence point), which create Worlds B and C with separate outcomes. People in Worlds B and C each travel back to the divergence point in World A to try and change their respective outcome. Traveler B flips their world’s decision, and Traveler C flips theirs. So World B is changed to become World C, and vice versa — their fates are switched.

    This of course assumes that there are exactly 2 choices at the divergence point. I’m sure there is some sort of algorithm you could use to figure out the number of potential combinations with multiple choices and worlds, but I’m not a physicist.

    Love these concepts though. Thanks!

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  2. This is easy because it would simply create another two parallel worlds. Even if they traveled back in time to the exact moment they changed, that original timeline would still move forward. They would, however, create at least three NEW timelines. Additional, subsequent parallel worlds would also form as more choices being to arrive. Time travel or parallel worlds, the fact is the bootstrap paradox wins, or the original timeline is unaffected by actions taken if someone travels back. Sure, I could create a NEW timeline where I turn left (mandatory Dr. Who reference), but that would just create a new timeline. If I return to my time, I would return to my timeline.

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