Aside: My Trending Stories

So, trawling through my admin page, I’ve received an email from mytrendingstories saying they’ve found my blog, think I’d work well with their idea. Something about becoming top 5 blog sites or something. I’ve not looked into it properly yet, so I’m wondering if anybody else received a similar contact? It seems a little spammy to me… 

Anybody know anything about this? 

The Idiot in Tin Foil


2 thoughts on “Aside: My Trending Stories

  1. Yup its a spam email, take a look a the genre they like you for its a generic tag you’ve used on a number of your posts. Nothing actually personal was listed right? I bet the email you got matches mine almost exactly. That’s not to say its not a legit site but they get paid for other people posting on their site. Check out a few reviews and words of caution before proceeding. More than a few say that once they put their content up they cant take it down.

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