Day 132: You have a time machine, but it can only go back two days. What would you change?


I could bore you with the details of quantum circuits, tachyon carriers and the Friedrich equation, but I’m sure that you have better things to do. Having a life, perhaps. Instead, I’ll give it to you in layman’s terms.

I’ve created a time machine. Yes, I’m talking an HG Wells, Back to the Future, causing issues with the future time machine. Admittedly, mine isn’t quite as impressive as a Delorean, or a blue police box. Mine is more… Rustic. Homemade. It does look impressive though. Lots of blinking lights and LED displays.

But, still, it works. Not quite as well as it did at the start…

It was incredible. I have to be honest, I can’t explain how it feels to go back to the Jurassic, the Triassic. I saw the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Once.

Seems to be a rule in that you can only go anywhere once. If you key in the coordinates of sometime you’ve already been, the machine refuses to work. The lights die and it seems to act like a petulant child, having to be coaxed out of its room to come to dinner. Thankfully, the machine did start to work again, but only after a week of apologising.

Or maybe it was just a week delay. I’m still working out the particulars on that one.

Then there’s the treacle effect. It appears that small changes can be absorbed by the rivers of history, but try to make any large effects, such as an assassination or advancing human nature, means that history fights you. Your movements slow. Events conspire against you, such as carts wheeling in front of you, or roads being closed. It’s a harsh, harsh environment.

There is of course, one final issue.  I started with the ability to go all the way back to Prehistory, then the various empires. I’ve seen the fall of Rome, the building of the pyramids. I watched Tutankhamun being embalmed and entombed.

That’s when I realised. I tried to go back to the rise of Babylon in 18th Century BC and it refused. Every time I try to go further back, it gives up.

The last time I made a trip, I got a week. I’ve been working with Garner on the decline and we reckon it’s down to two days. I can go two days back.

I should probably use it wisely.

Doctor Catherine Wallis, 13th December 2016


It’s time.

I write this as my last will and testament. Should this trip fail, you will read this. I suggest you use the last fifteen minutes in the device wisely.

Karen, my darling baby girl, I hope that you never have to read these words.

I have two days of time. Two days to get across the globe and put a stop to Domino. Two days of fighting against Domino’s veritable army, time and the forces of History. Treacle or no, this is going to change.

With hope that you never have to read this,

Doctor Catherine Wallis, 23rd May 2017



I know you’re never going to read this, but it had to be addressed to you. You’re the only person who could ever understand. I’ve got a brilliant plan.

The Tempust is in a fixed location. Garner gave me the idea while he was teaching me to play guitar. I never gave it up. I know you loved to hear me play and sing. He taught me about feedback.

Then we came up with the idea of the Tempust feeding into itself. Going back fifteen minutes and using the fifteen minute ago version to go back another fifteen minutes. A feedback loop until we’re back where it began.

Mum, you’re never going to read this but if it all goes well, I’ll see you soon. Or technically

I’ll already have seen you. 21st May 2017. I hope you’re ready.

I love you Mum.

Karen Wallis, 12th June 2020


It worked.

Catherine Wallis, 21st May 2017 / Karen Wallis, 21st May 2017

So, today’s tale had my own head spinning and I wrote the thing. What would you use your two days for? 

The Idiot in Tin Foil



6 thoughts on “Day 132: You have a time machine, but it can only go back two days. What would you change?

  1. Excellent, clever story, so many nice touches.
    Instead of a basic time machine story you went all out.

    As for two days back…I suppose the smart thing would be to save them for emergency, for some terrible event.
    What would I change if I had to use them now? Sounds mega dull, but on a personal level nothing worth changing…on a larger scale, stop some atrocity – there is always one somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a fun read. I love time travel, but like Sheryl said, it’s tricky! You might be able to manage the madness but I would surely dig enough plot holes to make my book look like the moons surface.

    If I could go back two days from right now? Book. Order a pizza and schedule delivery for right this second so I can eat while typing this comment-

    …is that my door?

    Liked by 1 person

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