Day 129: Write two prayers for your character. One to be said in private, one to be said in public.



Father. Watch over us as we go about our business. Keep us safe in the danger and stimulated in the boredom. Keep us warm in the cold places and cool when we stray into the warmth. Protect us from the ravages of this world. Protect us from the war, the famine, the pestilence that chooses to strike wherever it so wishes and protect our lands from the horrifying wake that these destructions leave behind. Leave me and the people I live for be, let us live and work as we do, with our hearts and our words and our deeds only for God.

Let us be free under your sight, roam like animals in an enclosure of which we know not the bounds. Let us make our mistakes, but have you to guide us from those mistakes. Allow us to conquer our demons and have you watch from the sidelines, a supportive parent rather than an overenthusiastic coach.

Let freedom be the thing we truly hold dear.



Father. You know that my faith has been tested. That my devotion to you has been shaken to its very core time and time again with each new evil that has been revealed, the Yapperslee, the Abismals, the Sumerile. With each emergence, my faith has been shaken as I wait for you appearance, a guiding light, a new hope with which to lead us.

Father, brother, whatever role you seek to fill. Appear to me. Show me what it is you want from me. But give me the strength not to show my doubt, not to show my fear that we aren’t on the correct side. Without your assurance, what are we but savages following a blind leader?

Teach me how to survive. Teach me how to thrive with you at my side.

For thine is the hour, the power and the glory.


The Idiot in Tin Foil

Points for everyone wh0 could tell I’ve been on holiday. Early posts and now I’m back… It’s gone midnight.

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