Day 128: Your favourite quote

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‘I am become death, destroyer of worlds.’ This is what came to Oppenheimer’s mind when he saw the power of the atomic bomb.

I prefer what he actually said. ‘It worked.’

It’s all progress. If the price of progress is war, then it is one I will gladly see paid again and again. The Vishnu Project is worth it. See, the Manhattan Project was all about splitting the atom and energy. Mine is about clearance. Vishnu is truly become death. It breaks down the molecular structure of any living material.

We actually modelled it after a creation from a early 21st children’s book. The blue rinse, they called it. Of course, as described it was ridiculous. But Vishnu…

The possibilities are endless.

The war applications are endless. But progress must be served. We stopped using nuclear weapons after the 21st century. There will never be a use of Vishnu in anger. The cost would be too great.

But if that is the price of progress…

Professor Oberon Hardy, San Paliette Institute for Molecular Science
14th December 2209, 13:08
Private Log Entry 0021

The Idiot in Tin Foil


4 thoughts on “Day 128: Your favourite quote

  1. I was super tired the first I saw this and told myself to leave a comment later. I love this post. I’m a sucker for historic fiction and this word event is fun to imagine and tinker with. I’ve always thought the whole Project Paperclip and Manhattan Project have so much potential for fiction mining. I’ve seen it done clumsily in B-movies and mentioned in television shows – but I’ve yet to read a really solid book playing with these themes.

    Awesome post!

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