Day 115: The last thing you’d want to do


‘Are you sure he stashed it down here?’ Tim said nasally, poking at something unmentionable in the lamplight. I didn’t respond, as that would involve opening my mouth and in this pungent atmosphere, that isn’t something I was going to risk. The hum of our headlamps mixed with the slurps and gurgles of the… I’m hesitant to call it water. It might have been water, once. Now it was more akin to primordial ooze.

I’m fairly sure I could see life being created in the corner. At the very least, we were surrounded by death. We’d passed three human corpses already and countless animal ones. We’d ignored the corpses. They were past the point of no return.

I understand that sounds stupid, seeing as they were quite firmly dead. What I mean is that they were well… Mostly bones. Nothing useful left on them. Nothing to scavenge there. And anyway, Tim and me had a goal. A purpose.

Crazy Joe told us about this place. You followed the sewers, down from the old station. And that was fun enough to get into. The police were all over it like a rash. Some kind of bomb threat. But the best thing about the whole situation is that when the police do something, they go all out. Hundreds of people, all milling around? Never an easier time than that for two people to slip by in jumpsuits and backpacks.

What, you think I’m crazy for listening to Crazy Joe? He’s only called that because of how he ended up in prison. Now that one’s a tale. But this isn’t his story.

But that’s where we’re up to. Got past the police, got into the sewers and damn… I couldn’t stand it. I was ready to go when.

‘Ey, yo. I think I got something.’ Tim prodded again, a thunk resounding around the small space. I turned to face him. There it was.

One safe, exactly where Joe had said. Now for the tricky part…

The Idiot in Tin Foil

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