Day Eleventy-one: Your dream vacation


Come with me. We’ll take a short journey. We follow the winding path deep into the woods. Further now. Stay on the path. Who knows what terrors and mysteries the wood may hold?

There, in the distance. Surely you can see it now? It blends in, but it stands tall. A log cabin, a thin stream of smoke curling from its chimney before being carried away by the gentle breeze. Behind it, you catch the reflections of the evening sun from the glassy surface of the lake. I know you want to stop and stare, but come along. It’s time to go in.

You’re still with me? Good. Shut the door behind you, I’m sure you weren’t born in a barn. Now, put the security chain on please. Nobody wants to be disturbed here.

Welcome to the holiday home. It’s got everything anybody could need. A solid wifi connection, games consoles, shotguns if you fancy some clay pigeon shooting, bows if you fancy some archery. Boots for walking, a fully stocked wine cellar. A stable, a kayak, everything you can dream of for you adventure.

Because that’s my dream holiday. An adventure. But an adventure that’s mine. It’s quiet, it’s secluded. And it’s mine.

If I want to come here to get away, to live out in the wilds, I could. If I needed a break to chill by a beach, there’s one by the lake, permanently lite by the early evening sun. If I want to write, I can come here for inspiration, procrastination, everything and anything I could possibly want.

And she’ll be here too. Our place.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


2 thoughts on “Day Eleventy-one: Your dream vacation

  1. If you take away the lake, wi-fi, and electricity – it sounds like a little hunting cabin my dad and I built where I grew up. The little shack is nestled in the middle of about 75 acres of woodland. Sometimes I would hike out there, fire up the tiny wood stove, and just read. Make a night of it. The first time I ever read The Chronicles of Narnia was in that cabin during the middle of winter. We put some decent sized windows on the front and that book paired with snow covering the ground outside of the cabin was a magical combination. Now every time I see that book it transports me back in time to that place in the woods.

    Nostalgia aside, another great short. I enjoyed the hint of danger offered throughout the approach. Don’t stray from the path, lock the door behind you, there are shotguns…hah. While my cabin was for hunting deer, rabbit, and squirrel – I feel like your woods might have some bigger more dangerous game in them.


    • That sounds amazing. Whilst wifi and electricity would be a bonus, I could certainly live without if I could get away for a while.
      Who knows what’s waiting in the woods? It’s always fascinated me, the same as darkness. We have an inbuilt fear. There’s got to be a reason for that…
      Thanks for stopping by!

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