Day 106: A powerful Hollywood agent’s to-do list.

  • 0900: Breakfast meeting with Ricardo Knowles. Remind him that just because he’s a star doesn’t mean he can be an asshole. Especially not to Suzy Wallace. Damn kid’s got a career death wish.
  • 1000: Over to the airport. Got to be in Atlanta for 1300, some great talent coming through. Bobby says that he’s found some bright young starlet and seeing as he got me Carrie, gotta trust the guy.
  • 1330: Meet this potential client at the Four Seasons. Wrap it up quickly.
  • 1430: Meet Marla in the spa. She says she’s in room 402. God I’m ready to see that woman again.
  • 1630: Back to the airport. Gotta be in LA for ten.
  • 2200: Tuck the kids in. Kiss Karen goodnight and prepare for tomorrow.
  • 2300: Go through all the possibilities for divorce and give up because you’re a spineless coward
  • 0200: Realise you haven’t slept so go get the sleeping pills from the cabinet.
  • 0500: Give up on the possibility of sleep.
  • ????: Tell Karen I’m leaving.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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