Day 105: Comfort

Have you ever experienced it? The warmth, the smothering? We chase it, we hunt it down. We seek the person that provides that comfort to us.

It’s not my fault that I haven’t found it yet. I just want to feel the warm embrace… I want to feel accepted. I’ve spent too long chasing it, only to have it slip away. It’s hell out here in the wastes. I just want someone to hold me.

It’s been months since I saw a living person. Thousands of corpses, but not one living soul. Occasionally I see the mutated pigeons… Damn those things can fly. I saw one carrying something… Must have been the size of a classic Mini Cooper. It’s almost as bad as the cockroaches…

You know you’ve strayed into the bad regions when you see the Roachmarks. The half melted rocks from the mating displays, the thousands of trackmarks when they stampede, chasing down some poor sap who got caught in the wastes. I’ve seen the people who survived the attacks, poor bastards missing limbs, eyes… I saw one little girl who got caught in a swarm. Lost her parents, poor mite, then lost her arms. She’s lucky Mustang was kicking around in the area.

Nobody should ask why Mustang was in the area. I know, but I ain’t telling nobody. Fair to say, it ain’t for the faint of heart. But he found her, brought the poor lass back to Revelation. Those goddamn roaches and their acid.

That’s the problem with this whole damn world. The troubles came. They call it the troubles as if it was a mugging in a park. Global Thermonuclear War and they call it the troubles. It’s not a goddamn scuffle in a park.

I just want comfort back. I’m sick of this world. I want my old world back.

Many thanks to Quintessential Editor, who’s lighthearted postscripts in our correspondence came up with the acid roaches and the car-rier pigeons.  Excellent writing tips and light-hearted looks on life. Honestly, check out his blog here.


I should also probably mention the Fallout series of games… That stuff’s amazing. 

The Idiot in Tin Foil

One thought on “Day 105: Comfort

  1. You had me smiling when I was reading this. I was like, “Hey! I know those roaches!” As always, I love jumping in and seeing your daily stories. The variety is refreshing and your style and voice always ring through.

    Also, thanks for the shout out. I’m just figuring it out as I go, like everyone else, but hopefully my daily rantings strike a cord with someone – like your daily stories do for me. Keep up the outstanding work.


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