Day 103: Choose how you will die.

There’s only one way any man should die. That’s with a weapon in his hand, his boots on and his head held high. Well, either me or Gaskin’s going tomorrow. At noon, they’re gonna clear the street and one of us is going to the Lord’s warm embrace. Either I’m killing in His name, or dying in His name.

Snake Gaskin is a pollutant in this new Eden. We have the opportunity to make this world true and right and I will not let a man like Snake Gaskin take that away. He’s a brute, a liar and he’s the worst thing to come out of Revelation since the Beast from the Book from whence the name came.

There’s only one way this ends and that’s with one of us dead.

Lord, let it be him.


If you’re gonna die, you might as well go being remembered. I’m Snake Gaskin and I run this whole county. You either run with me, or you’re dead. At least, apart from that damn fool facing me tomorrow.

It takes guts or goddamn stupidity to face me. Eighteen duels. Eighteen dead men. And none of them were me. I even heard one guy say that the only way I was gonna be beaten was while I slept by twenty men.

I’d like to see the fuckers try. I’ll put them in the ground.

But who knows, maybe this God botherer will be the man to take me down? Doesn’t matter. There’s always gonna be someone like me.

This is my county. And I ain’t letting it go easy.

The Idiot in Tin Foil





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