Day 98: Your last cry

I thought we had more time. I held you in my arms and you were just so beautiful. But then you went away and left me.

I was nothing before you came into my life. A worthless  piece of crap, but you lifted me up.

I held you in my arms. I loved you with all my heart. And you were so still. I thought you were sleeping but you weren’t.

I’ll remember that sound for the rest of my life. They brought you back at one point, and you went blue. You hollered like your lungs would explode.

That was it for you. I waited for a long time, waiting for something to touch me.

A bittersweet symphony it was too. Your voice rolling through the clinical, stifled sound around me. And I began to cry.

I cried at your last cry.

Come back soon. Stay safe, my beautiful one.

The Idiot in Tin Foil

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