Day 92: What ten questions are you going to ask to figure out the object in a game of I Spy?

Lets face it, the only time anyone plays I Spy is when they’re travelling so…

“Is it inside the car?”


“Is it living?”


“Is it made by humans?”


“Is it by the water?”


“Is it in the road?”


“Is it ON the road?”


“Is it natural?”


“Is it in the sky?”


“Is it a light source?”


“Geoff, is it the moon?”


I hate road trips with Conspiracy Theory Geoff. Moon made by aliens my arse!

The Idiot in Tin Foil

Another short one, but one I might expand on later. Being the master of planning that I am, I left it until the last minute for a wedding that I’m going to tonight. Oops!



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