Day 87: Write a sermon for a beloved preacher who has been caught in a sex scandal.

My children, I stand before you today as proof. Proof that no man, saint nor sinner, is infallible. I have fallen from grace and can only ask your forgiveness.

My children, you come to me and you confide in me. Your secrets lie with me and the Lord, who in his infinite wisdom grants you forgiveness. While I respect that the Lord forgives me, I can only ask of you the same thing.

I stand before you, here and now, to ask you to forgive me as the Lord forgives you. I am human and we succumb to temptation. I preach here, but never have I had my faith tested so. But now I know. Now, I understand. I understand what it means to lose faith. I understand how you feel.

For years, the Lord has been the light. He has shown me the way, a lighthouse in the storm. But in these troubled times, my faith was shaken to its very foundations. We see tragedy spreading, from the USA to Nice, from Baghdad to Syria, Brussels. Horrors unlike any other.  I listened to the news and heard about one more tragedy and I found myself in a dark place. The lights had gone out. I reached for comfort from the Lord and found none. I felt abandoned and alone and I sought comfort from any place that I could. I found it in carnal pleasures, in temptations of the flesh.

Every time, I would feel wrong, distasteful and as if I was betraying the Lord. I would feel that I had lost sight of Him and I would pray. I would call into the dark and hear no response. And I fell further from his light.

Until I was discovered. You all know of the incident that I am referring to, but that day I heard my Lord again. And he told me, he said to me, ‘I forgive you.’ And I wept. I wept at his mercy. I wept with rage that he had left me, with comfort that he had returned. I wept because I was no longer alone. I had the Lord and he set his arm around my shoulders and told me ‘I forgive you.’

So I ask of you, my children. My family. I ask that you forgive me. I ask that you forgive the Lord when he is not there, and to know that he is returning. He is coming back. And finally, I ask that you forgive yourselves. Falling from God’s light is something that can happen to all of us. Recovering is the important thing, the long road back from the Darkness. But know that God in his power will be beside you, every step. And when you cannot walk, he will carry you.

He will be with you. He forgives us all.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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