Day 86: What nobody ever said to you

You will fail.

At some point in your life, you will fail. Nobody decided to mention this fact to me as I was growing up, and I spent a lot of time ahead of the curve, so I figured I could coast. I figured I could get away with it, with not working for it because it all came so naturally and nobody mentioned to me that at some point the whole house of card would come tumbling down because, as it turns out, you will fail.

All I needed was for someone to sit down with me and let me know that life wasn’t as easy as it appeared. Then I could have made it through. Instead, I reached my first proper challenge and BAM. There it is, out of left field, silently but surely tripping you up and making sure you make an arse of yourself along the way.

So, here it goes. A message to all those reading these notes. You will fail. It’s never as easy as it seems. JK Rowling got rejected from a load of publishers, Daniel Defoe was put in prison. The fact is that without our failures, we cannot succeed.

I just wish someone had made sure that that got through to me a long time ago. This is me telling you what I wish people had told me.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


One thought on “Day 86: What nobody ever said to you

  1. Without failure, success wouldn’t exist. Yin and Yang. I too wish I would have learned that lesson earlier. Enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing.


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