Day 79: What you ate for breakfast

14th July, 2017. 13 weeks since The Thing That Happened

Curried beans.

After last night’s dinner of a mouldy bean sandwich, it was certainly an improvement. It’s been a hard few months since it all happened.

I ran out of pudding mix last week. Dry pudding mix isn’t fun, but it’s better than nothing. Ever since they released the report over longwave about the toxins, I’ve been eating it dry. That was only once I’d run out of tinned peaches.

What I’d give for a tin of peaches…

15th July, 2017. 13 weeks, 1 day since The Thing That Happened

Ooo, I found a KitKat! SCORE!

I don’t know why they told us not to talk about The Thing. I mean, it has rendered most of the world uninhabitable. Maybe they’re scared of archaeologists…

16th July, 2017. 13 weeks, 2 days since The Thing That Happened

Oh crap, it was my birthday 3 days ago! I found some cake crumbs to go with my beans this morning. Apparently, this now constitutes a good day.

Must have had other things on my mind… Ah yes. Stopped writing that day because of the rabid mutant landfish thing. Started sniffing through the door. Swear that I’d closed it, but there it was, smelling through its teeth.

Don’t know how it managed to smell through its teeth, but it did. Only way I can describe it.

Fairly sure that must have some real problems with halitosis.

21st July, 2017. 4 weeks since The Thing That Happened

Well. That was an interesting few days. Landfish came back. I’ve called him Jimmy. Because why the hell not? He came to me, I think he should have a name.

Maybe he’s lonely too?

22nd July, 2017. 4 weeks, 1 day since The Thing That Happened

Nope, Jimmy isn’t lonely. He’s also, apparently, a she. So now there’s Jimmy and Karla. I gave Jimmy a boy’s name, I figure Karla should have a girl’s name.

I really hope I don’t get overrun with landfish.

29th July, 2017. 5 weeks, 1 day since The Thing That Happened

I am now overrun with landfish. Stupid little creature with their weird slimy, webbed feet… But holy shit, those things can breed. Luckily for me, Jimmy and Karla are really bad parents. Can’t keep track of their offspring. Maybe it’s because there are literally hundreds of them.

Landfish for breakfast! I was dubious, but I went for it. Pretty tasty stuff. Slow roasted, open fire. Bon appetit, me.

Better than beans, anyway.

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