Day 77: Write a ransom note

To wHomEVver it may cOncern, specifiKally Mr Harold Jefferson of 18 Elgar Plaza, Faringham.

We have your kids children. We know who you are YoU, we know what you do and YOU QIll SToP. You should knOW that by now. We tried the peaceful channels but you shut us down, declaring that we were insane.

Who’s insane now? Probably ME, but at least I am mad for a cause. We have a purpose, Mr Jefferson, and that purpose is not to FucK witTH ouR PlaNeT. YoU TAUGHT Me THAt mR JefFeRSOn.

ANd bloOd shall raiN fRom the skiess aND iT wILL Be THatT ofF thhe YOUnGlinGs and the FraiL.

All Workks oN ODIn & BAhAmUT MIusT CeasE.

IN cAse YOU thaight THis WAS A bluff, LOoK inSIDe the BOx.

MIND THE blood.


The Idiot in Tin Foil



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