Day 73: Write a paragraph in a language of your own invention.

Kerushta. Manifoso, bellaco, beltamin. Jeparle ic toros, asta fieri min tablos morifico, faringibly moroseo tondu. Ablingley walthers ticlumpi min astu forucly. Paraglinica. Min compos callic nica forlastin mor capul. Kerushta. Rortasta min torca, min thuesta, min lor. Walthers ablingley. Min compos carrica iltipo al. Walthers curtilly. Waltherin artinu colo.

Darling. Thunder, lightning, rain. None of these let alone the fires of my tabled mortality will keep me from you. I miss you dearly my heart forces beats. Lonely. My company move on at midnight or dawn. Darling. Remember my touch, my kiss, my love. I miss you. My company commander comes now. I love you. I will be with you soon.

Last known contact from the 101st Mobile Infantry. Communication and translation from Private Frederick. 4 hours before the battle of Barkino Bay, Modesta, New Atlantis.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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