Day 67: Write a song

I actually feel like this one wasn’t working. In my head, this is a world in which music has been outlawed, thus driving it underground. Hence my creation of Reggie. I’ve also got it in my head that it’s not just music, but lots of creativity. I reckon this one does need some work, but I might be onto something. 

Walk Away

The Understated Strawberries

Walk away, never looking back

You’re in that situation, you don’t know how to act

He gives you that look, you act ashamed

You turn around, You walk away

He chases after you, apologises to you

He never wants to see you cry, again

He knows its too late

I guess we’re facing fate


You say ‘I’ve got nothing left to find

I know that, I’m gonna leave it all behind

I wanted to, Say goodbye just one last time

So now you know, I’m leaving you.’


Reggie looked up from the yellow legal pad in front of him. He pondered. Ponder was the only word to describe what he was doing, rolling words around his mouth, feeling them moulding around his teeth, flowing with the rhythm in his head. He could feel the song  shaping, moulding into the full-fledged hit that the future holds.

‘This all you got?’ He asked, quizzically. ‘Very… What’s the word… unfinished.’

‘No, I think the word you’re looking for is raw. It’s powerful. It’s from a time in my life that…’ Ali drew up short as Reggie gave him the look. Everyone in this business knew Reggie’s look. If you got the look, you’d made a mistake. Ali hoped it was just a minor one.

‘We’ll start with the band name. It’s not happening. It needs to be snappier, shorter and really hit the audience. Second… I need more. I need to know what’s happening with verse two. You got a middle eight? I need it.’ He smiled, teeth bright and white in his mouth. ‘But, I also need this song, boy. Come back with the rest. Tomorrow.’ He relaxed, lighting up a cigar. ‘This is going to be a hit with the masses…’

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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