Day 64: Rewrite the Gettysbug Address for today’s audience.

For your information, I am apparently using the Bliss copy of the address.

Two score and three years ago, Edward Heath made the decision to bring us into a gathering of prosperity and security. He decided that we were safer, he told us that it will ‘prove of real and lasting benefit, not only to Britain and France, but to Europe as a whole.’ He saw the work of the European Community and thought I want to be part of that.

Now we are engaged in the process of leaving. This is not a war, this is not a conquest. There is no blood to lie forever in foreign fields because of this. We now face the greatest choice of our lives. We can tuck our tails between our legs and run to Canada, to France, to Australia. Or we can stay and fight. We can push for the future to be created for us. They told us they were voting for us, so now we can shape this country.

But, in a larger sense, we must still grieve. We must feel sad for this moment, if only to use that sadness to inspire us to make change happen. Individuals may not be able to do much, but such is the power of democracy that the overwhelming power of the collective can change things. Our country is a great river, diverted by this boulder of referendum, and now we find ourselves on a new course. We will take the reins. We will ensure that the ideals of our people, the youth, the free, will never be subjugated or pushed to the floor. We will stand.

The Idiot in Tin Foil



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