Day 47: The President’s personal to-do list

  • Ignore the six o’clock alarm. Goddammit, it is Thanksgiving and even I deserve a rest!
  • Get up at six fifteen when Sheridan prods me in the side
  • Decide on which power suit to wear. Possibly the navy three piece. (Allow up to an hour, plus ten minutes for Sheridan telling me it’s the wrong one.)
  • Do a small happy dance when it reaches seven thirty. Time to start the day.
  • Breakfast: Three options
    • Cereal. Weetabix, given to me as a gift from Terrence. Tempting, but I’m sure that being PM has messed with that man’s head as those things taste like straw.
    • Fruit. Sheridan is still considering this diet thing. Not happening. No Fruit.
    • Pancakes. True american breakfast! Decision made.
  • Consider firing Elaine for pointing out that the Ancient Greeks made pancakes and that Canada is responsible for maple syrup.
  • Change my mind about firing Elaine when she points out that the bacon is American. ‘Murica! As the internet likes to say.
  • Give Terrence a call. Thank him for the cereal. Weirdo.
  • Daily Briefing time. Pieces of paper covered in threats. Eight parts terrifying, one part confusing and the rest of it is pure excitement.
  • Meet up with Ricardo. Ecuadorian PM. He’s such a tool. ‘I would like this, I would like that.’ He offers me nothing. Ever. Ass.
  • Have some more lunch. Why not? This one’s a business lunch at least.
  • Talk to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I need to know what’s going on with the Russia business. Allow for the longest amount of time.
  • Quick run around the grounds if there’s time before dinner. 
  • Dinnertime dinnertime dinnertime. I swear if I wasn’t six feet tall people would claim I was a hobbit.
  • An early night tonight. Tomorrow is the G20. Got to be rested well. Man my life is boring sometimes.

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