Day 44: The greatness of sandwiches

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight. Sandwiches are amazing. They are the single greatest invention since sliced bread. In fact, I would make a case that it was the ease of making sandwiches which facilitated the invention of sliced bread, therefore making sandwiches the greatest invention. So anyone who would disagree about the greatness of sandwiches is categorically wrong.

For one, take the variety available! Cheese and ham for the basics as filling, all the way through to the impressive brie and rocket, just as one example. The bread also, even walking into a Subway, that relative low of sandwich making, gives you an insight into the sheer variety and versatility. In fact, to quote my parents, ‘You can eat anything if it’s put between two slices of bread.’

Secondly, consider the practicality. Shrink wrapped and then you have a portable snack. You can take it anywhere. A practical lunch, supplemented with fruit, or salad. You can even put the salad in the sandwich, just to supplement point one.

Finally, you can even have the conversation of where you draw the line? Is a wrap a sandwich? A pita bread? Some, though I doubt the veracity of this one, even consider a Victoria sponge as a sandwich.

Those people are wrong.

Sandwiches, however you choose to describe them, are truly great.

The Idiot in Tin Foil



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