Day 18: A never-ending breakup.

Ooooh, one I can vaguely use some of my own experiences for. 


‘Carmen, please, calm down. You’re making a scene.’ I said.

‘I’m making a scene? You’re the one trying to break up with me, just so you can go and sleep with everyone else? You’ve already cheated on me.’

‘Carmen, you know I haven’t. Can we just go and talk about this? Quietly, like adults?’

‘Ohhh.’ She rolled her eyes. ‘Now I’m a child, am I?’ She flicked her red hair over her shoulder. ‘Well, doesn’t that make you the best known paedo in town, doesn’t it? Just loved fucking children?’ Whispers began at that point. A small crowd had drawn around us. I’ve never felt more like I wanted that crappy, blue, school-style carpet to swallow me up whole.

‘Carmen, stop it right now. People are staring.’

She glared at me, fire in her eyes. ‘Let them. Means you won’t hit me. You know, like last time?’ That’s when the whispers caught alight, swirling around us. I could feel rage rising like bile within me. I’ve never hit her. She knows it. But she’s five foot two and I tower over her. So in a world of her word against mine, mine gets lined up against the wall, given a last cigarette and asked if it has any last words. She leaned forward, gently bit my earlobe, then whispered. ‘Good luck leaving now, asshole. My friends will beg me to leave you, but I’ll show them that I’ve given you a second chance. I’ll forgive you. And I will be in charge. I’ll see you at home.’

She turned tail, leaving me in the crowd. I was shaking with rage. I had to get out of there. Away from the whispers and the pointing and the stares.

So I ran. I ran as far and as fast as I could.

And then I ran back to her.

The Idiot in Tin Foil


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