Day 11: Write an ode to an onion.

I’d just like to get it on record, I’m really bad at poetry. 

Oh Onion, sweet onion, alas we must find,

So many layers of you

Red onion, white onion, let us be kind

For without you we’re nothing, it’s true.

Take broth, or stew, or bolognese

It would take years for man to create

Any true comparison

And though you are used in a number of ways

It is fair and fortunate

That ever true, you are the one.

And so, sweet onion, we say goodbye,

With this our farewell song,

And though, our onion, you make use cry,

You remain in use by the throng.

And without your inducing of our tears,

We remain indebted to you

And your kind, so many, lots

You remain our favourite throughout the years,

And though it may make us blue,

Do we count you with shallots?

The Idiot In Tin Foil


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