Day 5: Write Ten Sayings for Fortune Cookies

This is actually quite tricky. I’d never actually had a fortune cookie until quite recently, so only really have the stereotypical vision to go on. 

Shame lasts a lifetime, but love is eternal. Don’t eat the fish. Your lucky number is seven. 

When wandering lonely as a cloud, take the time to rain. Your lucky colour is aubergine. Next time you get the urge to just punch someone… DO it. 

Ask her out. Nobody gives a shit about your lucky number. 

No, seriously. Ask her out. Your lucky colour is cowardly yellow. 

Eating a spring roll while walking does not count as exercise. Your lucky colour is Taupe. Is Taupe even a colour?

Everyone saw you steal this fortune cookie. Go back and pay for it. Your lucky colour is blue. And red. And blue. And Red. And Blue. And Red. 

If you’re trying to work out if it’s a number two, it probably is. You don’t care what your lucky number is as you’re already sprinting to the toilet. 

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took some money from the Triads and now I’m a fortune cookie. Your lucky number is eight hundred thousand, all in unmarked bills. 

When in doubt, go with your gut. It’s been making you make decisions your whole life so probably knows what it’s on about. Your lucky number is digesting. 

This guy bought a fortune cookie and you’ll NEVER believe what happens next. Click here to find out his lucky colour. 


‘Hehehe.’ Danika laughed as she typed out the latest batch of fortunes. ‘That should raise some eyebrows.’ She looked at the view from her window, her wide eyes taking in every detail before she blinked once, twice… And hit send.


‘In today’s news, millions of fortune cookies are being recalled after non-standard messages, ranging from vaguely humorous to downright malicious, were found in hundreds of thousands. The hacktivists Electric Feel are claiming responsibility….’

The Idiot in Tin Foil



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