Day Number Two: Write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mum.


To start with a small aside, I’ve been choosing these randomly by flicking through the book and asking whoever I’m with at the time to say stop. Who should choose this one but of course, my mum. Great fun.

Erica stared down at Charlie.

‘Awww, poor baby. All helpless…’ She ran her perfectly manicured fingernails along his calf, watching as he writhed with anticipation. ‘Do you want me to untie you? Do you want to have your wicked way with me?’ She smiled, licking her lips as he nodded frantically, his eyes running up and down her body. She could see it there, the longing as he stripped her from the thigh high black leather boots, as he released her from the red corset, as he finally got to dominate her in return. She had been teasing for hours now, letting him have glimpses of the future she was creating for them. She had kissed his neck, working her lips down his chest before taking the entire length of him in her mouth. She could feel him getting harder, straining against his bonds as she took him deeper, rolling her tongue around the head of his rock hard cock.

Of course, as much fun as it was for him, she couldn’t let him have it all. She stopped, suddenly, leaving Charlie on the brink of orgasm, gasping through the gag she had fashioned out of one of his ties. She had stepped back, observing her creation, before delicately removing her tiny black thong, the birthday present from Charlie just a few weeks earlier, before carefully straddling his shoulders. She didn’t want to hurt him, of course.

‘Pleasure me.’ She commanded, removing the tie gag.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ He gasped, running his tongue between her legs, tasting her sweetness as he slowly circled her clit. She wrapped her fingers into his brown hair, pulling him into her as she rode the wave towards her first orgasm of the night…

Then she pulled away. ‘Mistress, come back. Come back to me. Let me keep going, please!’ Charlie pined, biting his lip as he continued to fight with the knots that held him in place.

‘Now now, Charlie, you know that I’m in charge here.’ Erica gloated, placing one hand on his chest as she very carefully placed herself so that Charlie’s aching manhood was just resting against her smooth, wet pussy. ‘Do you want to fuck me?’

‘Absolutely. Yes. One hundred percent yes.’

‘Yes, what?’ She questioned as she playfully pinched at his nipple.

‘Yes Mistress. Please Mistress. Dear God, let me have you Mistress.’

‘No Charlie. The only person you’re worshipping tonight is me…’ And with that, she lowered herself onto him, easily taking his full length. She leant forward, drawing her nails up his chest as she did, before kissing him hard on the mouth, tasting herself still on his lips. ‘Have me Charlie. However you want me.’

And with that, she undid the knots.

The Idiot in Tin Foil

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